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Managed Cloud Workflows Designed by VFX sys admins

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Managed Cloud Workflows

Designed by VFX sys admins for born in the cloud or hybrid cloud workflows.

Sherpa is a simple to use cloud-resource management tool ideally suited to creative and production teams looking to benefit from going cloud native with predictable, fully controllable costs.

Whether you’re an established team looking for burst render or a new business thinking of a born in the cloud methodology, Sherpa can smooth your introduction to cloud resources.

Up And Running In 45 Minutes

Workstations | Storage | Render

Spin up a fully functioning creative facility in under 45 minutes through the easy to use Sherpa GUI. Or benefit from our in-house cloud experts to hybridise your existing pipeline.

All post production, VFX, animation, and architecture studios need to start taking advantage of the cloud. As demands increase and technology advances it becomes more and more efficient to locate key resources off-site. And with the limits imposed by office space, cooling, and costs the cloud provides the ideal – fully scalable – solution.


Whether you’re freelancing for a larger business or working on your own projects, the time will come where your needs outstrip what your technology can provide. Collaboration and accessibility are always the key challenges.

Packages like Maya, Cinema 4D, Nuke, and After Effects are all familiar to you - and you probably use at least one of them in your day to day. You might have some local storage but probably aren’t using a render farm. Yet.

With Sherpa, freelance artists are able to use cloud-based rendering solutions without the risks of fire and forget services. The render farm you spin up is yours. No one else's. And if you need a workstation that’s accessible from wherever you are then it’s as easy as the push of a button. Need 8 GPUs? No problem. Working with a small team of collaborators? Give them access to your working files in a AAA secure environment. And if you need a workstation that exceeds the performance of your own system you can spec it out and use it for exactly as long as you need. Letting you pitch for jobs that would, normally, be out of reach.

And if you choose to grow your business, Sherpa can scale along with you.

Small Business

Central storage, render farms, and on-site workstations are all integral to a small creative studio delivering CGI projects. From animated videos to full VFX sequences in feature films, there’s a huge burden on your technology.

Whether you’re two people or two hundred, scalable infrastructure is key to your success. And for it to be entirely familiar is a massive bonus. By using Sherpa small businesses around the world are able to grow elastically as their workload demands. Maybe your team is expanding, or you could be bringing on temporary freelancers. Perhaps you need additional render power to complete a current project. By using Sherpa from Escape Technology small creative studios can compete on a wider stage. Spin up workstations, render, and storage to match your needs and spin them down again when you’re done.

Sherpa enables you to manage your costs and your resources without the challenges of capital expenditure.

Large Studio

Scaling a large business often requires a significant outlay of resources. From physical space to workstations and software licences, balancing your CapEx and OpEx costs is an ongoing challenge. And you’re often bound by local recruitment.

By leveraging the power of the cloud businesses are able to benefit from a global pool of talent. Sherpa is able to give you the ability to onboard and work with artists and creatives all over the world. As well as locally. You can expand your existing infrastructure with new workstations, render, and storage without affecting your physical footprint. Keep your servers off site for an efficient and secure workflow, while maintaining complete control over your pipeline. From end to end.

Sherpa delivers a scalable, fully owned, cloud-based solution that enables your engineers to deliver a best in class service.

Born in the Cloud

For new businesses, teams, or even projects the cloud offers simple, scalable solution to technology resourcing. By using a Born in the Cloud approach to equipping a studio we’re able to maximise cost effectiveness without compromising on capability.

Sherpa from Escape Technology is a cloud aggregation tool developed by engineers with decades of experience in visual effects and content delivery. It uses a unique approach that enables users to operate a fully functioning cloud-based pipeline: workstations, storage, and render. What makes it unique is its ability to operate in the same way that onsite infrastructure does. Giving you total control over what software you install and how you work.

All you need is an internet connection, monitors, and a zero client (for example, a Teradici) and you can get up and running. No costly machine rooms. No noisy workstations. Simply push pixels from the cloud to your artists and back again.

Build, Connect, Create

Sherpa provides a robust and flexible route to the cloud.

Simple, familiar, and scalable, teams of any size can benefit from using Sherpa to manage and run their cloud based resources. From spinning up a new facility in under 45 minutes to controlling ongoing costs, you’ll have the tools you need to operate efficiently right at your fingertips.

And with Escape Technology’s in-house team of cloud experts just a phone call away Sherpa can be fully customised to meet your needs.


Sherpa removes the complexity typically associated with using the cloud, enabling you to build a fully functional facility in under 45 minutes.


Sherpa doesn’t impose any particular workflow. Simply bring your existing process directly to the Sherpa environment.

Control Costs

Benefit from cost control features that help avoid unnecessary expenditure. Costs are monitored per hour with billing on a weekly basis.


Work with people anywhere in the world to build your perfect team without worrying about time zones or office space.


Use the elasticity of the cloud to scale your pipeline, increasing your resources when there’s more work and reducing them as needed.


Access to remote workstations is managed via the Sherpa GUI using a secure and tightly controlled invitation process.


Resources can be easily monitored to help spot bottle-necks or areas that have been over-resourced and can be right-sized to save costs.


Access your workstation, storage, and render nodes from anywhere in the world by logging in from a thin-client, laptop or tablet.



from £55 week


from £35 week


from £50 week

Prices above include:

  • Licensing of OS and remote access software.
  • Standard support hours of 9am to 6pm UK time.
  • The above prices are correct at the time of printing and do not contain any egress bandwidth charges. More up to date pricing is reflected in the Sherpa GUI.
  • These prices can be reviewed before committing to building resources. Total resource charges are dependant on a variety of factors.

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